jueves, 26 de mayo de 2011

My Favourite Class

My favourite subject is Farming Peasant and Development Rural, wich is one free elective, that I chose this term for the fridays in the afternoon. In class the lecture´s Dc. Mario Maino, who is Director of graduate. So far classes have been very fun and interesting, on the one hand learn the theoretical in classroom, and on the other hand integrate the practical through field trips, where I have known the reality of rural life, by conversations with the same people, that live there.

The reasons why I like the subject, in the first place, I have considered that my country´s agriculture consists of an industrial part and some rural family: AFC (in spanish´s Asociación Familiar Campesina, which means Peasant Family Association), the second part not the professional approach to the University which prepares us, because the economic model promoted the industrial, all in all if I can get both sides I think it's great. In addition to this, the field trips, such as to the IV Region, Pencahue and Maipo, where I could breathe cleaner air, furthermore I could make videos and take photographs with my camcorder of animals and spectacular landscapes.

To sum up, I recommend to all my classmates who choose this elective free next year. 

viernes, 20 de mayo de 2011

Ariel Corvalán

The person I admire has caused within the field of veterinary medicine, is Ariel Corvalán, he is a Chilean veterinarian who won the award for best American photographer animals in the French competition "veterinarians in their daily lives" in 2010, in the contest were invited as the University of Chile, but I know someone who has sent his picture, well, the competition received more than 2500 photos of doctors from around the world. The picture that allowed him to succeed Ariel was taken in his professional practice in beach of Carmen, Mexico, where he attended manatees, dolphins and whales, the prize was a thousand euros in photography products but the classification to better global picture . This veterinarian is a graduate of University Mayor, and I liked his words expressed when receiving the awar -"even though the field of wildlife photography in Chile has not been explored, I hope to continue taking images that portray the exploits Daily veterinary work"
I believe that combining humanistic artistic aspects to the scientific profession allows us to lead a balanced life.

Jules Verne

The person that I admire since I learned to read, is Jules Verne, he is a french writer who was born in Nantes (1828) and died in Amies (1905), is considered the founter of modern sciencie fiction literature, is second most translated author of all time with 4185 translations, was awarded the Legion of Honor for his contributions to education and science with.
His novels feature the adventures of characters who have always been heroes and good people in the social scale. Verne's works are often divided into three parts: discovery, maturity and disillusionment.
When I started reading his books was when a cousin gave me the book "Travel the World in 80 Days", this paper classifies the texts of maturity as a novel full of life. Then I read "Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea", a novel that belongs to the Division of discovery, where the writer's pen has features of innovation.
The reason why I like this character, it is because your writing is superb, as predicted with great accuracy the appearance of some twentieth-century technological advances, such as television, helicopters, submarines and spacecraft.

jueves, 14 de abril de 2011

my decision and in veterinary medicine student life

  I decided to study veterinary medicine for a dual purpose. On the one hand  want to dedicate my career to the welfare of animals understood and learned the benefits we can deliver them to us humans.On the other hand is the joy that arises in people who own animals that you can heal by the veterinarian.
  I think that veterinary medical career is very interesting, because you can learn a lot about different animals and its impact on the planet in different ways, however I strongly believe the preparation that is acquired at the University is not appropriate for optimal development work in the many facets relating to veterinary medicine, in spite of a student at the University of Chile is generally known that during the career must look for its own account their own tools. Top sum up, what sets us apart is the quality, such as says John Ruskin "Quality is never an accident it is always the result of intelligent effort". 


domingo, 3 de abril de 2011

Maraton Santiago Adidas

Today I ran the 42.195 km marathon in the Adidas Santiago, was very good. The winners were among Kenyans who are very prepared for this type of competition, they run too fast and is very difficult to achieve.